Glass industry: Pakistani company presents its production project in Tunisia to FIPA

A delegation from the Pakistani company TARIQ GLASS INDUSTRIES LTD, comprising Mr Mohamed Baig, Deputy Managing Director, and Mr Mustafa Baig, Technical Director, visited FIPA-Tunisia on September 1, 2023.

TARIQ GLASS INDUSTRIES LTD is the leading glass manufacturer in Pakistan. It has grown from a family business established in 1982 to a company listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. It produces over 1,500 tonnes of float glass, glass for tableware and containers (opal and pharmaceutical glass). The company exports to 50 countries.

According to FIPA, during the meeting, the company’s managers presented their project for production in Tunisia as part of a partnership with a well-known local player in the sector, with a view to exporting to European and African countries. The progress of this project is being monitored by FIPA-Tunisia.


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