Africa, a high-potential but highly competitive market (TABC Chairman)

Tabc is a leading organization in Tunisia, dedicated to supporting Tunisian companies in Africa. Tabc’s Vision is to be the reference actor for a better South-South cooperation promoting sustainable development and shared prosperity in favor of African populations, Says Anis Jaziri, Co-founder and Chairman of the Tunisia Africa Business Council in an interview to La Presse newspaper.

It has already carried out more than 35 missions to Africa, organized 6 editions of the Fita international conference, organized several African sectoral forums, participated in the majority of African and international forums and trade shows related to Africa, and supported sub-Saharan students in Tunisia (around 400 members). Tunisia’s trade with sub-Saharan Africa has tripled since 2015, and more than 250 Tunisian companies have set up in Côte d’Ivoire, He noted.

In the presence of the diplomatic corps in Tunisia and under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tabc inaugurated its headquarters on May 25, 2023 under the name “House of Africa”, he went on saying.

In this connection, TABC chairman underlined the launch of the ACP Africa CEO Platform -ACP- which is a digital platform that connects decision-makers (CEOs, executives, senior managers and managers), enabling them to exchange and conclude “Deals”. Africa CEO platform essentially brings together a select audience of economic operators, aiming to develop business and partnerships. To date, ACP has a database of over 12,000 African and international CEOs and senior executives.

Tunisian investors wishing to expand in Africa should bear in mind that this is a high-potential but highly competitive market. You need to study the market, the competition, prices and logistics, before deciding to invest in one of the African countries, He explained underscoring that businessmen need to be persistent, supported by specialized organizations and have a thorough knowledge of African markets.

Cepex plays an important role in supporting Tunisian economic operators, whether in the prospecting phase, presence at trade fairs or, above all, support for Foprodex.

The platform enables economic operators to establish business relations, identify opportunities in Africa, as well as tenders and business news from Africa. The ACP platform also manages Tabc missions and events.

Answering a question about the key sectors in which Tunisia might have a comparative advantage and assets to leverage in the African market, Anis Jaziri, Co-founder and Chairman of the Tunisia Africa Business Council said that the key sectors in which Tunisia has a comparative advantage are: design and engineering, building materials, agri-food, construction and infrastructure, ICT, pharmaceuticals, EMI, mechanical and electrical engineering, education and higher education, and services such as consulting, communication, accounting, etc.

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