South Korea’s Yura Corporation plans to create up to 6,000 jobs in Tunisia

South Korea’s Yura Corporation, which specializes in the production of spare parts for the automotive industry, is looking into the possibility of expanding into Tunisia, said Kim JONG GU, CEO of Yura Corporation’s Tunisian subsidiary, reads a press release issued by FIPA on Monday.

At a meeting held in Tunis with FIPA-Tunisia CEO Jalel TEBIB, JONG GU emphasized that this expansion will be achieved through a cable production unit dedicated primarily to the automotive industry, as well as systems for mobility. He went on to say that the unit would employ between 2,000 and 6,000 people and cover an area of 13,000 m².

For his part, the Managing Director of FIPA-Tunisia promised to provide the investor with all the help and support necessary for the implementation of this ambitious project, particularly as regards the choice of location and the search for suitable premises.

Based in Kairouan since November 2007, YURA CORPORATION Tunisia specializes in the manufacture of wires, insulated harnesses and cable harnesses, and employs over 2,000 people.

“This expansion project confirms Tunisia’s position as a destination of choice for international operators in the automotive components sector in particular”, said FIPA.


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