Tunisia calls on international community to force Israel to take “temporary measures” in Gaza

Tunisia, on Tuesday, called on the international community to “force” Israel to implement the decision of the International Court of Justice concerning “temporary measures” during its war in the Gaza Strip.

This came in a recorded speech made by the Tunisian Foreign Minister, Nabil Ammar, at a high-level meeting of the 55th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, according to a press release from the Tunisian Foreign Ministry.

The Minister indicated that Tunisia “stresses the need for the international community to force the occupying entity (Israel) to implement the decision of the International Court of Justice concerning the temporary measures to be taken in the context of the lawsuit brought against it by the Republic of South Africa. He added that the decision of the International Court of Justice “calls for the immediate abstention from all genocidal crimes committed by the Zionist entity against the Palestinians and for the provision of emergency humanitarian aid to Gaza”, according to the press release.

On 29 December 2023, South Africa filed an 84-page complaint, presenting evidence that Israel, the occupying power, has violated its obligations under the UN Charter and has been involved in “the commission of acts of genocide against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip”.

On 26 January, the International Court of Justice (the highest judicial body of the United Nations) ordered Tel Aviv to take measures to prevent genocide against Palestinians and to improve the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, which has been besieged by Israel for 17 years.

The Foreign Minister stressed that “the continued exposure of the steadfast Palestinian people in Gaza to a brutal aggression that has left nearly 30,000 dead and 68,000 wounded, most of them women and children, makes this aggression a crime of genocide”.

The Minister called for “efforts to force the occupying entity to put an end once and for all to its brutal aggression, and to put an end to its continuous occupation for more than 75 years, to its blockade imposed in the Gaza Strip and throughout the Palestinian territories.”

He also stressed the need to hold “the Zionist entity accountable for its horrific crimes against the Palestinian people”.


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