Eco-construction show: Building industry celebrates its revolution

The eco-construction and innovation trade fair which has just come to a close, on Thursday 29 February 2024, in Tunis at the headquarters of the Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts (UTICA), on the theme of “Ecological Transition: Opportunities for Building and Public Works, Opportunities for Tunisia” with the participation of nearly 35 exhibitors and professionals including architects, engineers, builders, property developers, craftsmen and industrialists.

The show offered “innovative and practical eco-construction and eco-management solutions for buildings and housing”, and gave visitors the opportunity to find out about the different approaches to sustainable building, in particular through the use of new local ecological products. Mr Faouzi Ayadi, the organiser of the show, which is in its 16th year is continuing its search for sustainable building solutions.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Sami BEN YAHIA Consultant in CSR and Sustainable Development)

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