Swiss group Zuhlke engineering settles in Tunisia

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA Tunisia) has announced that Predrag Poposki, Project and Investment Lead of the Swiss group Zühlke Engineering, announced during his meeting on Wednesday, March 6 with Jalel Tebib, Managing Director of FIPA Tunisia, that the group has decided to set up in Tunisia.

Founded in 1968 and established in some ten countries and specialising in strategy, innovation and the development of digital solutions and applications, Zühlke Engineering decided to set up in Tunisia for several reasons, including the availability of engineering talent, strategic positioning, proximity and cultural diversity,” added Mr Poposki.

“For his part, Mr Tebib congratulated the Zühlke Engineering representative on his choice of Tunisia, while confirming that the specific features of the business climate in Tunisia and the regulatory framework for investment were in favour of such a decision,” reads an FIPA press release.

FIPA’s Managing Director also outlined the agency’s role in providing advice, guidance and assistance, reiterating the commitment of the agency’s team to monitoring Zühlke’s move into Tunisia under the best possible conditions.

For now, Zühlke Engineering intends to recruit around thirty Tunisian engineers in specialised fields, to double this number in the medium term.


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