EU pledges major funding for Tunisian security forces

The European Union (EU) has announced its intention to allocate up to 164.5 million euros (around $177.74 million) to Tunisia’s security forces over a three-year period, reports the Financial Times. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the newspaper reveals that Brussels had previously pledged 105 million euros in funding to Tunisia, specifically earmarked for initiatives to reduce immigration. However, a significant proportion of this promised funding has still not been distributed, despite the agreement having been signed last year.

The Financial Times highlighted the EU’s intention to step up its overall spending on migration-related initiatives in Tunisia, with a significant proportion of the allocated funds – around two-thirds of the total amount, expected to reach 278 million euros – earmarked for strengthening security measures and border management. This decision underlines the EU’s ongoing commitment to tackling the challenges of migration and strengthening security cooperation with Tunisia, a key partner in the region.

The decision to increase funding for Tunisia’s security forces comes against a backdrop of heightened concerns about irregular migration flows and border security in the Mediterranean region. By providing financial support to strengthen security infrastructure and capacity, the EU aims to improve Tunisia’s ability to effectively manage migration while addressing broader security challenges.

The allocation of significant funding underlines the EU’s recognition of Tunisia’s strategic importance in addressing migration and security issues in the Mediterranean region. As both parties work to implement these initiatives, EU support should help strengthen security cooperation and stability in Tunisia, while fostering closer ties between the EU and its North African partners.


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