Maritime forces Thwarts Dozens of Illegal Sea Crossings, Rescues Almost 1,200

Tunisian maritime forces conducted a major operation Satoruday off the eastern coast, rescuing 1,178 undocumented immigrants and preventing 28 illegal sea crossings to Italy, the Tunisian National Guard reported. The action took place near Sfax province, where the guards intercepted multiple vessels carrying primarily immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, alongside 18 Tunisians. The operation also led to the recovery of two bodies.

In addition to the rescue efforts, authorities confiscated 15 boats and detained nine suspects. The future of the rescued immigrants is currently under consideration, following discussions with the public prosecutor’s office. Tunisia, positioned in the central Mediterranean, remains a significant gateway for undocumented migrants trying to enter Europe. Despite efforts by Tunisian officials to curb such journeys, the flux of migrants aiming for Italy shows no signs of diminishing.


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