Chinese Ambassador to Tunisia: “President Xi Jinping has accepted invitation to visit Tunisia”

Chinese Ambassador to Tunisia Wan Li said that President Xi Jinping has accepted the invitation extended to him by President Kais Saied to visit Tunisia, the date of which has not yet been set.

During a press conference held on Thursday evening to talk about the outcomes of President Saied’s visit to China and the 10th session of the Ministerial Meeting for Arab-Chinese Cooperation, he said that President Saied was invited to participate in the China-Africa Summit to be hosted by Beijing the early next September.

The Chinese ambassador reviewed the main outcomes of President Saied’s visit to China, noting that they are summarised in three points, the first of which is the strengthening of political trust between the two countries, as the Chinese leadership affirmed support for Tunisia’s steady progress towards stability and the adoption of continuous reforms.

In this context, he said that Tunisia has the right to make decisions and a development model that responds to its needs in line with its specificities. He noted that Tunisia, like many countries, faces difficulties due to internal and external factors, but can find a path that aligns with its particularities.

Regarding the second point related to economic cooperation, Ambassador Wan Li emphasised his country’s readiness to work with Tunisia in infrastructure, renewable energies, agriculture and water resources.

He said that as for projects related to transport or other major development projects, if the studies are ready, Chinese companies are willing to assist in implementing the projects. He added that China welcomed importing more Tunisian products to the Chinese market and strengthening cooperation in tourism and education. As for the export of agricultural and agricultural products, the issue requires certain documents from the Tunisian side.

The third point relates to building Sino-Arab relations towards global governance and advocating for fairer global multipolarity and economic globalisation that is inclusive and beneficial to all, he stated.

Regarding China’s presence in the African continent, Ambassador Wan Li said that Beijing does not intend to change Africa, stressing his country’s readiness to work with Tunisia to promote the Forum on China-Arab Cooperation and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation to build a common Arab-African-Chinese future.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Dhouha Talik- English: NejiMed)

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