Indian film producer Sebin Sebastian: Tunisia is an ideal location for film shoots

The Indian film producer Sebin Sebastian said that Tunisia is full of beautiful landscapes that make it an ideal location for film shoots. Sebastian is part of the delegation of the Indian Organisation of Economy and Trade (IOET) at the seventh edition of the International Forum for Financing Investment and Trade in Africa (FITA 2024), held in Tunis on June 11 and 12 at the initiative of the Tunisian-African Business Council.

Sebastian said in a statement to TunisianMonitoronline on the sidelines of the parallel workshop “Tunisia and India: Sustainable Alliances”, that Indian cinema has developed significantly in recent years and is looking for prospects outside the country’s borders, especially in terms of filming locations.

He noted that Tunisia, with its mild Mediterranean climate, its beautiful beaches and sea as well as its picturesque desert, in addition to its archaeological and historical sites, and its differential prices, not to mention the competence and experience of its film technicians, is an ideal place for Indian filmmakers and cinematographers.
“I invite Indian filmmakers to check out the productions of Nouri Bouzid, Dora Bouchouchoucha and Moufida Tlatli to see the advanced level of these films,” he added.

Sebastian noted that Tunisian cinema has entered the Indian market in Calcutta and Bangalore, and Tunisian films have participated in Indian film festivals over the past few years.
Wali Kashvi, Vice President of the Indo-African Trade Council, noted that Tunisia is a rich and fertile market, but it is unexploited. One only has to look at Sidi Bou Said and its distinctive architecture and the harmony of blue and white colours to know how rich Tunisia is.
“We are here today to connect with the film industry and explore opportunities for partnerships and cooperation between the Indian and Tunisian sides,” he added.

TunisianMonitorOnline (Dhouha Talik- English: NejiMed)

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