International symposium on innovation and interdisciplinarity at Beit Al Hikma

The Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts Beit Al Hikma, in collaboration with the National Library of Tunisia, is organizing an international symposium on innovation and interdisciplinarity, scheduled for October 25-26 at its headquarters, in honor of the late Mounira Chapoutot Remadi, eminent professor of archaeology and Muslim civilization at the University of Tunis.

The symposium, dedicated to the soul of the defunct, will focus on a theme to be presented by a group of professors and researchers from various specialties, to shed light on her long academic career and diverse research interests as one of the leading academic historians in the field of historical knowledge and its transformations, as well as on her vast culture and through her ongoing struggle for freedom of expression.

Mounira Chapoutot Remadi was the first historian of independent Tunisia and a true academic who carried the message of science and knowledge with dedication and responsibility for decades in all her endeavours.

She remains one of the most eminent historians in her field and deserves the respect of her colleagues and students. Her invaluable scientific research, her historical fingerprints and her shadow still float between the walls of the University of Tunis and in all the research spaces where she worked. She therefore deserved to be honored on several occasions for her magnificent academic career.

Mounira Chapoutot Remadi was a prominent and active member of the scientific council of the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts Beit Al Hikma, and contributed to the success and brilliance of this institution.

 TunisianMonitorOnline (CBR)

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