Agreement to train 2,000 Tunisians for jobs in Italy

A framework agreement was signed Tuesday in Tunis between the National Agency for Employment and Self-Employment (Aneti), the Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training (ATFP), the Italian Building and Public Works Association (Ance) and the Centro Elis Association, as part of the Thamm Plus Italia program.

The announcement was made by the Italian Ambassador in Tunis, the European Union Mission in Tunis and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The agreement aims to provide certified technical and language training to 2,000 Tunisians, and to integrate them into ANCE network companies.

“Through this program, the EU, in cooperation with member states and Tunisia, is implementing concrete measures to make legal migration possible, within the framework of mutually beneficial cooperation, thus combating irregular migration,” he said on his social media channels. the EU mission in Tunisia.


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