Talan Tunisia will hire 1,000 engineers by 2020

Technology services company Talan will hire 1,000 Tunisian engineers by 2020.

Talan Founder and President Mahdi Hawas said the company’s recruitment strategy will be implemented over three years; 250 engineers will be hired in 2018, 350 in 2019 and 450 in 2020.

An academy will be created and tasked with competence building through training sessions for engineers and other graduates, the purpose being to adapt training to the requirements of international markets.

The firm, which currently employs 500 engineers, intends to triple its turnover, setting a target of 60 million euros in 2020, Hawas told media.

Premier Youssef Chahed said, at the inauguration Friday of the firm’s second headquarters,  that this initiative reflects a renewed dynamism in the economic activity in spite of challenges for public finance.

He said the government offers full backing for such job-generating projects that testify to investors’ confidence in the Tunisian economy and training system.

With a workforce of 2,800 engineers, Talan group’s turnover around the world (four continents) is expected to reach 250 million euros in 2018. Its forecasts project revenues will double to reach 500 million euros in 2020 with a staff of 5,500 engineers.

The second HQ of the company cover an area of 5,000 square metres with an infrastructure meeting international standards of environmental friendliness, including the use of renewables; the premises will be operational in June 2019.

Talan is the technology partner of key national institutions in the areas of finance, energy, communication and transport. It assists companies in digital transformation by means of developing specific digital services and offering needed support.

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