“Dar Ben Ayed” palace in Tunis offered to UK embassy by the Bey in 1856

The United Kingdom Embassy to Tunisia has published several photos of the filming of the Ramadan series “Tej El Hadhra”, broadcast daily on Elhiwar Ettounsi.

The embassy reported that the Dar Ben Ayed Palace was offered to the British Ambassador during the month of Ramadan in the year 1856.

This Ramadan, the viewers were taken to the Bey time with the drama series” Tej Al Hadhira “produced by Sami Fehri. It included several important scenes filmed at the residence of the British ambassador.

“Since 1856, the British representative to Tunisia has been based at Dar Ben Ayed, a palace offered to the then British Consul by Mohamed Bey”, the British embassy reports on its Facebook page.

“This Ramadan, viewers were transported back to the Bey’s era with the drama series “Tej Al Hadhira” produced by Sami Fehri. It included several major scenes filmed at the British Ambassador’s Residence and we were delighted to play our part in helping bring history to life”, the UK embassy said.


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