Tunisia date revenues edge up 31%

Tunisian date revenues reached 235 million U.S. dollars in the current date season from October 2017 to May 24, 2018, up 31 % compared to the same period of last season.

Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries said on Friday that Tunisian dates have been exported to 80 countries.

Tunisia has exported about 101,000 tons of dates this season, against 88,000 tons of last season.

Major countries that imported dates from Tunisia include the United States with an increase of 97 percent, Spain up 56 percent, Morocco up 27 percent, and France up 10%

n volume, Tunisia exported about 108,008 tonnes of dates during the current season against 94,699 tonnes during the previous one, up 14%.

This rise is due to the development of exports in the past weeks to the traditional markets, such as Morocco (+25% in exported quantities) and Spain (+56%).

It is also due to the reinforcement of work on non-traditional markets, as the United States with over 6,600 tonnes of exported dates (+92%).

Date exports towards India and Mali also edged up 168% and 82%, respectively.

The quantities of exported dates had recorded a 8.26% drop in 2017 (104.4 thousand tonnes) and revenues increased by 14.6% (557.6 MD).



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