Over 1,500 doctors to leave public health sector in 2018/2019, says Tabboubi

Over 1,500 doctors of the public health sector will leave the country  2018/2019 and will reach 2,700 in 2022, Secretary-General of Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) Noureddine Tabboubi said on Tuesday at the works of the public health doctors, dentists and pharmacists union’s conference held in Hammamet.

Tabboubi recalled that some 55% of the students refuse to return to Tunisia, thus raising the alarm and warning against the threat that shakes the public health system, including notably the crumbling infrastructure, lack of equipment and tools in addition to the difficult working conditions and lack of over 300 drugs.

The financial deficit of public health establishments reached some 700 million Tunisian dinars due to the critical situation of social funds, he recalled.

The improvement of the doctors’ working and financial conditions in public health is essential to help promote the public health system, he indicated, placing emphasis that health and education ministries must be classified as sovereign ministries.


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