Tunisia, sovereign country, it is not home to any foreign military base (Horchani)

(TAP) – There is no foreign military base in Tunisia, said National Defence Minister Farhat Horchani.

Tunisia is a sovereign State. It will not host any foreign military base, he affirmed Thursday in a statement to the media on the sidelines of his visit to the Gafsa air base.

“Which have been reported by some Tunisian and foreign media on the presence of a U.S. military base in Tunisia is not true,” he underlined, adding that “Tunisia is one of the rare countries that have been against military intervention in Libya. It is for a political solution in this country.”

Horchani considered that “intelligence is essential in war against terrorism.” “That is why Tunisia has started the execution of a project to reinforce its capacities in matters of intelligence command, reduction of the terrorist risk and terrorists’ tracking down, by the use of drones and through the support of other countries as the United States.”

He added that “commanding advanced techniques in matters of intelligence requires training for a period of time and the U.S. are helping Tunisia in this matter.”

“Tunisia is co-operating with several other countries in this fields,” he reminded, pointing out that “fight against terrorism cannot be placed out of the framework of international co-operation, particularly with high-potential countries.”

In another connection, the minister assured that the Tunisian borders are secure and that the country has made important steps in matters of monitoring borders with Algeria, thanks to the perfect co-ordination between the national army and security forces on the one hand, and their Algerian counterparts on the other.

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