Youssef Chahed: public administration “encumbered”, needs energy to be unleashed

Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said, Saturday, the Tunisian public administration is “encumbered” and needs energies to be unleashed to discharge at best its mission to serve citizens and work against corruption, bribery and smuggling.

Chairing the opening works of the Conference of Directors-General 2016 organised by the Ministry of Public Service and Governance, Chahed pointed to the State’s support to directors general in public service and the importance to unlock the talents and skills of the public administration to implement development policies, win back citizens’ confidence in the administration and improve service provision.

The PM urged them to “break down the wall of fear,” to be a force of proposal and present initiatives to be the bases of reforms to be undertaken by the State.

Youssef Chahed did not deny the existence of difficulties impeding the public administration’s action, including in particular the politisation of public service and the spread of bribery in the past years in a way that impacts negatively on its performance and causes a crisis of confidence among citizens.

The administration should be neutral, independent and distant from any form of partisan or ideological instrumentalisation, , he insisted. He added that the State is seeking to implement reforms in terms of governance, integrity and legislations to restore confidence between citizens and the administration.

For his part, Public Service and Governance Minister Abid Briki said the conference aims to sensitise directors general about the importance of reforms needed now, including financial and administrative reforms.

The meeting is also an opportunity to brief the directors general about the agenda of the International Conference on Investment to be hosted by Tunisia, on November 29 and 30.

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