Trump’s election will not change Tunisian-American relations, Chahed tells Europe 1

“We have achieved significant success over the last twelve months, but the fight against terrorism is a constant and everyday war, ” Premier Youssef Chahed Friday said in an interview with French radio station Europe 1.

He talked about the security challenges facing Tunisia and France, stressing that Tunisia, which is directly impacted by the very uncertain situation in Libya, has managed for a year to stabilize its security situation by tripling in particular the budget of the Ministry of the Interior.

Youssef Chahed also extended  a message to the international community, saying that Tunisia is not an economic issue, of arithmetic and accounting, “it is a geopolitical stake.

Tunisia is now a free country where human rights are respected, which has recently established a Higher Judiciary Council and a Constitutional Court will be set up soon. We have spent a lot of money to put in place a young democracy and the consolidation of this democracy requires an economic revival, “he said.

The Prime Minister was also asked about Tunisian-US relations in the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump. He said in this regard that the relations between the two countries are secular and solid and there is nothing to suggest that this should change with the new president.

“I think that the election of the new American president will not change relations between Tunisia and the United States and I think that the American administration will continue to work in an excellent way with Tunisia. The United States greatly helped Tunisia after the Revolution, it is a strategic and important partner for our country, “said Youssef Chahed.



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