Tunisia ranks 1st in Africa at “Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017”

Tunisia topped the “Global Entrepreneurship Index 2017” at the African level and climbed 20 places, compared to last year, at the global scale thus ranking 42nd ahead of Italy, India, China and Russia.

In this ranking published by the “Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute” (GEDI), a research organisation that advances knowledge on links between entrepreneurship, economic development and prosperity based in Washington, Morocco (70th globally) and Algeria (73rd) are ranked 5th and 6th respectively at the continental level whilst Egypt (81st) is ranked 8th.

Moreover, the United States is ranked 1st ahead of Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and Netherland.

The “Global Entrepreneurship Index” is an annual index that measures the health of the entrepreneurship ecosystems in each of 137 countries. It then ranks the performance of these against each other. This provides a picture of how each country performs in both the domestic and international context.


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