Combating corruption is essential to ensure propitious climate for business, Chahed tells parliament

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) started, Friday morning, the budget debates for 2017, by hearing the government declaration presented by Prime Minister Youssef Chahed.

Works of the plenary session started under chairmanship of HPR Speaker Mohamed Ennaceur, in the presence of 152 deputies and government members.

Presenting, the government declaration on the draft 2017 State budget, Premier Youssef Chahed laid emphasis on the need to show political courage, to be frank with people, share sacrifices to serve the country’s interest in spite of intellectual and political divergences.

In another connection, he underlined  that the use of violence which could have undermined the democratic transition process at a difficult period of the country’s history by “organized militia” has “gone,” asserting that the perpetrators of these acts will be “firmly punished.”

Combating corruption is essential to ensure a propitious climate for business, affirmed Chahed, stressing that the national union government had brought in co-ordination with the National Anti-corruption Authority, several files to the public prosecutor and urged the parliament to accelerate examination of the law on the judiciary and financial pole, which will be in charge of financial corruption files.


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