Tunisia: launch of incentive programme for creation of micro-enterprises by graduates

The Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Territorial Development has set up an incentive programme for the creation of nearly 100 micro enterprises (in a first phase) in road maintenance, which can generate 600 jobs.

The ministry said that “this is not a recruitment in the public service but a programme encouraging graduates to start their own project in road maintenance, according to the decisions announced by the Prime Minister on January 26, 2016, before parliament to promote employment “.

Under this programme, established companies benefit from framework contracts with the Department over three years, provided that the young promoters meet the specifications relating to the exercise of the activity of small construction company.

The Public Works Department is committed to supporting developers before, during and after the small business creation.

The conditions set by the Ministry for the submission of applications for this programme are obtaining engineering degrees, master or senior technician certificate (BTS). Graduates have to be unemployed for a year or more and aged 25 to 40 years.

In his Programme “Yawmiyet Mouwaten” in “El hiwar Ettounsi” private channel,  journalist reporter Semi Bennour talked with some beneficiaries graduates in civil engineering about this programme whose number reached 92 applicants after the Ministry of Public Works, Housing and Territorial Development accepted their applications to start their own business in road maintenance. They have to recruit 4 workers at least in their small companies so as to contribute to the employment campaign for jobless young people.

The department, along with the Tunisian Solidarity Bank (BTS,), fund their projects by granting a loan ranging between 130 and 150 thousand dinars in the 24 governorates of the country with an overall investment of 11 million Tunisian dinars.

The young entrepreneurs will repay the loan over a seven-year period. By this initiative young people rely on their own efforts and seize the opportunity to start their own business.

Chorouk Ben Daoud one of the beneficiaries of this programme holder of professional master in Civil Engineering said that she created her own company after hearing about this programme which was a dream for her to have such an opportunity. She said that she was granted a framework contract after participating in a tender launched by the Ministry for the embellishment of a main road in Hammamet.


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