Some forty German companies to attend Tunisia 2020, German ambassador says

Besides a political representation from Germany, some forty German companies will take part in the international conference  on November 29 and 30,  German ambassador in Tunis, Andreas Reinicke told Express FM

The ambassador described the holding of the conference as a “strong sign” by Tunisia to the international community. He noted that it is “the first time that the focus in the country is on private investment”.

Reinicke said that the German companies to be present in Tunisia 2020 represent various sectors such as renewable energies, training, Port activities and so on.

The ambassador said that the conference is perceived as very important by German investors.  “We are pleased that the Tunisian state has put the focus on private investment and the creation of employment, he said,  We are convinced that the state is a bad manager, at least in Germany. It is necessary to be able to cover the deficits and, in Tunisia as in Germany, it is the private investors who must play this role “.


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