Closing of JTC 2016: special incentive awards to support Tunisian productions

After a daily marathon of theatrical performances in the capital and in 19 Tunisian cities with an affluence of a cosmopolitan public, the 18th edition of the Carthage Theatre Days ended Saturday evening in Tunis with attendance of a large number of Tunisian artists and guests of the 2016 edition.

Although it is non-competitive, this edition (November 18-26, 2016) was marked by the presentation of a series of special incentive prizes awarded by Tunisian and foreign organisations to encourage local theatrical productions.

The Prize of the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT) for the theatre management, amounting to 3,500 dinars, was awarded to Sabri Atrous for all his scenography work, notably in the play “Sapiens” by Walid Ayadi.

The prize awarded by the Belgian company Zoo-Human was awarded to the play “Les ergs du sable” by Hafedh Zallit.

The National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT) awarded the prize for the best Tunisian theatrical play to Hafedh Zallit’s creation “Les ergs du sable”. The SNJT also awarded first special mention to the play “Le Raade” by Cyrine Gannoun and Majdi Bou Matar and the second special mention to the work “Ghafla” (Inadvertance) by Mariem Bouajaja.

The “Fadhila Khetmi” Prize of the Tunisian Women and Memory Foundation for Best Female role was awarded to Mouna Talmoudi for her role in Walid Daghsni’s play “Revolt of Don Quixote”.

After the screening of the edition best-of moments, the ceremony was marked by the presentation of a fragment dedicated by the students of the “Shakespeare Academy” in memory of the famous English playwright as part of the commemoration in 2016 of the fourth centenary of his death. To pay a posthumous tribute to the author of King Lear, the Lebanese singer resident in France Sophie Armache made her entrance by a show combining lyrical and theatrical play to the rhythm of Oriental sounds called “Shakespeare my love”.

The closing ceremony was also an opportunity to listen to “Avenue” and for the first time the song “Ghrib” performed by committed singer Lobna Noomen accompanied by composer Mehdi Chakroun at the lute, two songs written by Wahid El Ajmi.



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