Mystical ‘Rouhanyet’ music festival in southern Tunisia

The first international festival of mystical music ‘Rouhanyet’ will begin on Saturday in Nefta, southern Tunisia. The festival is the brainchild of its director, the well-known Tunisian actor and Artistic Director Hichem Rostom, and will run through November 29.

The idea of such festival was born “of the passion for secular and religious music,” Hichem Rostom told media. This is an opportunity for the Sufi repertoire of Nefta to be under the limelight.

Some 18 performances of artists and musicians from Tunisia, Algeria, France, Morocco Turkey, and Canada will be held. The festival opens Saturday with ”Dakhla” from Sidi Bou Ali, a procession with mystical songs and music performed by 100 musicians, and with ”Hadra” of Nefta.

Workshops and open-air film screenings are planned as part of the festival and will be held in the Nefta medina.


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