San Lucar praline tomatoes achieve top results from Ökotest magazine

“These tomatoes are cultivated from the premium brand for fruit and vegetables in their own fields in Tunisia”

 The SanLucar praline tomatoes have received top marks from the Ökotest magazine and have been rewarded for their taste, quality and environmentally friendly cultivation.

The small, crunchy praline tomatoes are one of the sweetest varieties from the wide range of tomato products SanLucar offers on the market. These tomatoes are cultivated from the premium brand for fruit and vegetables in their own fields in Tunisia. The cultivation area in the SanLucar oasis is located about 40 kilometers west of Gabes.

The exceptional natural conditions of the Tunisian region – many hours of sunshine and particularly fertile soils – are undoubtedly responsible for the excellent quality of the SanLucar product. A thermal spring, located at a depth of 1,200 meters in the SanLucar oasis in Tunisia, adds to the difference in taste. 

This mineral water irrigation gives the praline tomatoes a unique aroma which has more than deserved the recognition of Ökotest. Products from the SanLucar brand have already been repeatedly tested by the magazine and have been awarded the top rating.

SanLucar, Pioneer-brand 
Under the motto “Taste the SUN”, SanLucar offers 365 days of fruit and vegetables with the best taste. With an offer of around 90 delicious fruit and vegetable varieties from more than 35 countries, SanLucar is the brand with the widest range in the trade.

Since Stephan Rötzer founded the company in 1993, it has grown rapidly and is now a multinational company with over 2,500 employees and its own production in Spain, Germany, Austria, South Africa, Tunisia and Ecuador.

The philosophy of SanLucar, “in harmony with man and nature”, is the mission statement of the company – from the variety of offers and cultivation areas to the way in which the company presents its products on the market.

Their trademark has brought the brand much recognition in the European market, especially in Germany and Austria. This is the way the company would also like to present itself to other markets, such as the Asian market.



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