ISIS jihadi who masterminded the Charlie Hebdo and Tunisia terror attacks obliterated by US drone strike in Syria

Boubaker El Hakim, 33, was blasted while driving a car in Syrian capital Raqqa

A HIGH-ranking ISIS chief who masterminded the Charlie Hebdo attack has reportedly been killed in Syria by a US drone strike.

Boubaker El Hakim, 33, who is also said to have inspired the Tunisian beach massacre, died while driving a car in Raqqa.

The 33-year-old was reportedly wiped out in late-November although his death has yet to confirmed by the US or the depraved death cult.

The killing was first reported by the credible Being Slaughtered Silently association which is run by a group of Syrians who oppose both ISIS and dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Three relatives of French Tunisian El Hakim were reportedly arrested on December 6.

The twisted extremist was the mentor of the Kouachi brothers who carried out the sick attack on magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The January 2015 attack in Paris, which was a response to the publication’s satirical depiction of the prophet Mohammad, resulted in 12 being killed.

El Hakim’s death is yet another below for beleaguered terror group who are being pushed back in both Iraq and Syria.

Last month, a US soldier became the first serviceman to be killed fighting ISIS after stepping on an explosive device in northern Syria.

He died from severe wounds he suffered after detonating the improvised explosive device close to the town of Ayn Issa – about 30 miles north of Raqqa.

US officials confirmed the death in a statement although the identity of the man has not been revealed.

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