US ambassador to Leaders: determined to continue our support to Tunisia

“The United States is fully committed to continuing its support for the democratic transition in Tunisia, its integral and sustainable development and its efforts to strengthen its security,” says US American ambassador in Tunis, Daniel H. Rubinstein, in an exclusive interview given jointly to Leaders and the daily newspaper La Presse.”

We will persevere in this constant support by strengthening three essential pillars, namely, economy, security and governance. There is a consensus in the United States about the importance of Tunisia, the solidity of the bilateral relations and the success of this experience which is in the interest of both countries, “he added.

The success of the recent Investment Conference, says Ambassador Rubinstein, shows that “Tunisia has many friends and is taking its place on the international market, giving a strong and attractive signal to Investors “.

In another connection, he denied the existence of any US military base on Tunisian territory, but he revealed the recent delivery of equipment, including two coast guard patrol boats and announced the imminent supply of new lots including helicopters.

Besides, during this interview, he stressed that it is Tunisia which sets its priorities and decides its choices for the programmes of its cooperation with the United States, which the American side takes into consideration.

In addition to politics and security, the interview also focused on exchange programmes for Tunisian youth and universities, the franchise of American brands, the access of Tunisian textiles to the American market and the lifting of the “ban concerning the travel of the Americans to Tunisia.


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