Tunisia draws up new white paper defense policy

In cooperation with US, UK experts, Tunisian officials begin compiling ‘white paper’ laying out country’s defense policy

Tunisia’s Defense Ministry on Tuesday began compiling a “white paper” — in cooperation with U.S. and British experts — spelling out the country’s new defense policy, according to Defense Minister Ferhat Horchani.

“This ‘white paper’ is a vision for the country’s long-term security and defense policy,” Horchani said at a Tuesday ceremony held to mark the occasion.

He said the paper was being composed within “a legislative and constitutional framework” and would be “subject to administrative, financial and judicial control”.

According to the minister, the white paper will lay down a comprehensive strategy for developing the operational and intelligence capabilities of the Tunisian military and security forces.

It will also lay out a comprehensive national security plan, Horchani added, and make recommendations for harmonising the activities of the country’s military and security institutions, along with other state institutions.

According to Horchani, the white paper will be completed over the course of the next year.

The white paper  consists of a national strategy that defines the military and security policy and the main orientations for the development of operational and intelligence skills of the security and defence sector. The strategy aims at confronting new threats and protecting the country’s national security, he said


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