The week Events as seen by Historian Khaled Abid

The hearing sessions with the minister of interior and the minister of foreign affairs and the facts revealed behind the assassination of martyr engineer Mohamed Zouari as well as the Berlin attack have been the most important events happened last week. In addition to that, an inner cabinet meeting was held in Tunis and a Libyan aircraft was kidnapped. All these events are interpreted by historian Khaled Abid. He  thinks that anti-normalization of relations with Israel should not be a debatable  topic because all Tunisians share the same opinion about this issue. Therefore, instead of being indulged in these useless struggles, we have to think seriously about immunizing our interior front from any possible Zionist infiltration.

Professor Khaled Abid insisted that the Tunisian situation today is very sensitive and needs that all Tunisians gets rid of  all these polemics mainly that of some people trying to score goals over other parts because the danger is coming sooner rather than later and may not exclude anybody.

The university researcher points out that Tunisia is no longer referred to as the international tank for terrorists as many European newspapers claim but rather it is threatened itself if no strong, prompt and exceptional measures are taken before the gates of hell, God forbid will be opened as happened in the neighbouring Algeria with the return of what was known as the Arab Afghan at the beginning of the 1990s.

Mr. Abid added that the recurrent terrorist attacks done by young Tunisians is a clear and enough proof that all Tunisians need to cooperate in order to save their country if they are really aware that Tunisia is in crossroads. He also considered that launching a national intelligence agency is a too late action as we heard that this agency has been founded since 2014. So, what is the gain from re-announcing this already existing institution adding that the rulers of Tunisia haven’t learned yet that the country lives a decisive moment. As for the American president Donald Trump’s claims insisting that “the Berlin attack proved that he was right in preventing Muslims from entering the united States,” Abid said that this is something expected. It is at the heart of Trump’s ideology. He finds what  he wants to show in reality. Unluckily, such terrorist attacks that end the life of innocent people give legitimacy both to Trump and the populist right in Europe and those who are going to pay the bill are the groups from Arab and Muslim origins throughout the world.

Among the other important events was the kidnapping of a Libyan airplane. Khaled Abid commented the event saying that it was an amateur job and doesn’t need all this media coverage. It is categorized as a desire of the two young people to show off and they may be supporters of  Colonel Maamer Ghadafi. The method they used can never be useful unless there is a group standing behind them and forced them to do that to draw the attention to the action that they may do in the future to express their existence as an effective player in the totally chaotic Libya. In a response to the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey, Abid simply said “the spell bounced back.”

Achourouk, December 25, 2016


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