National Youth Congress : call for restoration of confidence between youth and state institutions.

Majdouline Cherni, Minister of Youth and Sport affirmed at the closing of the National Youth Congress held Wednesday morning at the Convention Centre in Tunis, that the opportunity was provided to young people of all ages and different social categories to discuss issues related to their concerns.

Cherni added 1,250 youth forums have been organisation recently involving 40,650 youth members of society in various educational and cultural fields, in addition to the participation of 22,000 more people on social networking sites.In this connection, she called for the restoration of confidence between youth and state institutions.

In  turn, Prime Ministe Youssef Chahed said that the National Youth Congress will be followed by a national conference on investment for youth, announcing the revision of the attributions of the Higher Youth Council. The objective is to bring this structure into line with the Integrated National Youth Strategy 2030.

“Talking about youth is talking about the future,” he said. However, youth who offered the country a revolution and the people democracy and freedom, did not find in return, solutions to their problems, first of all unemployment, school dropout and drugs, said Youssef Chahed.

He mentioned the “contract of dignity” as a solution by the government to encourage companies to recruit graduates in specialties with low employability as well as the project of financing small projects and encouraging the private initiative.

During the working days held this month in Jendouba and Siliana, the government approved the financing of 500 projects that could generate up to 1,000 jobs, he said. He added that similar events are planned in other regions.

The peoples with a high rate of youth achieve best growth rates and are best able to achieve development goals, the prime minister concluded.


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