Mahdia, New Year celebration destination for 1,138 tourists

1,138 tourists had arrived so far to Mahdia for New Year celebrations, Regional Commissioner for Tourism Mohamed Boujdaria Friday told media.

Arrivals, down 26% in comparison with 2015, are expected to increase. Visitors are mostly Tunisians (858) in addition to Germans, French and Czechs.

The number of bednights up to December 20 rose 40% compared to the same period last year; the number of arrivals posted a 19.3% increase while the occupancy rate reached 50.3%.

167,000 tourists visited Mahdia in 2015; the number of bednights stood at 745,000, the Regional Commissioner indicated.

Besides, more than 12 thousand reservations in hotels in Sousse-El Kantaoui were made so far ahead of the New Year celebration.

The ongoing bookings should reach 14 thousand, he estimated. Most of them are Tunisians followed by Algerians (5 thousand) then Germans (1 thousand) as well as Russians, French, Italians and a group of Lebanese tourists.

Some 2,000 clients are also expected in restaurants and nightclubs in the tourist area.


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