Demonstration at Avenue Bourguiba against return of terrorists

Some 800 Hundred gathered Sunday in Habib Bourguiba Avenue to protest against the return of terrorists from hotbeds of tension.

The event is organised at the initiative of the “Collectif Citoyens Tunisiens”, in the presence of an important security deployment.

The demonstrators deplored the statements they described as “serious” and “catastrophic” by many politicians about the return of Tunisians from Syria, Libya, Iraq and other areas of conflict fanned by the terrorist organisations Daech and Al Qaeda.

As expected, only the national flag was hoisted in the absence of any form of political affiliation.

At a news conference on Saturday, president of the “Nabdh Al-Watan” association, Ibtissem Jomaa, said that “only the national flag and patriotic slogans will be branded and there will be no place to provocative or political slogans”.


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