Tunisia: CEPEX to organize multi-sector prospecting mission in Poland

The Exports Promotion Centre (CEPEX) is organizing a multi-sector prospecting mission in Poland (Central Europe) from February 13 to 15, 2017.

The trip, organized in collaboration with the Embassy of Tunisia in Warsaw and the Polish Chamber of Commerce “KIG”, is part of the process of diversifying export markets and seeking new Tunisian products and services, “the CEPEX said in a statement.

 The mission program includes the organization of an information and partnership day at the Polish Chamber of Commerce, B2B meetings, tasting sessions of Tunisian local products as well as prospecting visits to central purchasing offices and hypermarkets.

First largest country in Central Europe in terms of population and 6th in Europe (38 million inhabitants), Poland is a market with a strong potential for the export of Tunisian products, notably those of agri-food, said CEPEX, noting that the country has a large-scale distribution market with steady growth and of 50% of the turnover of which is provided by Agri-Food.

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