Tunisia’s transition to democracy hit “roadblock”

Tunisia’s transition to democracy since 2011 has hit a “roadblock”, President of the Independent High Authority for the Election (ISIE) Chafik Sarsar said Tuesday.

He criticised the delay in holding the first local elections since the uprising.

“Tunisia stood out…through its partially successful transition and it is unacceptable that this march toward democracy be cut short,” Chafik Sarsar told the  daily newspaper  “La Presse”.

“Everything is blocked…We have missed a date with history,” he said.

Sarsar also criticised the parliament’s delay in adopting an electoral law necessary for holding the country’s first municipal and regional polls since the revolt that ousted dictatorship.

According to Sarsar, the electoral commission needed “eight months from the publication of the law” in order to organise the polls. If elections are held in 2018, they will be immediately followed by the 2019 presidential elections, Sarsar explained, and warned that holding these so close together risked “tiring out” the electorate.



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