Tragedy of the State of independence in Tunisia…

The first documentary on the coup attempt in 1962

“Tragedy of the state of independence in Tunisia” is the milestone title of a documentary film about the military coup attempt on the rule of President Habib Bourguiba in 1962.

A documentary considered by its initiators as exceptional in the way of conceiving the event through a balanced reading away from the spirit of hatred, revenge and mistrust.

The documentary film is exceptional in terms of the testimonies and the written and audio-visual archive sources presented for the first time.

The film, which is also marked by the performance of some crucial historical events, had taken many years of hard work.

It started with an idea presented by Academic historian Khaled Abid who wrote the scenario and who was behind the recovery of the remains of some individuals who were executed in this coup attempt which was unveiled few hours before. The documentary film will reveal the reasons for the failure of the coup.

The work also includes testimonies of some individuals who took part in the coup attempt along with politicians of this era.

Performance of the torture scene of those who led the coup attempt in addition to the execution scene also mark this exceptional work directed by film director Fathia Khdir assisted by journalist Mabrouka Khdir along with journalist Chedly Berhouma in the basic journalistic techniques and skills.

The “Tragedy of the State of Independence” documentary succeeded to be for the first time the only historical, scientific documentary film of the mysterious historical era until today and its repercussions remain entrenched in the memory of the Tunisians.

The documentary film reveals testimonies and documents presented for the first time about the involvement of the Algerian and Egyptian regimes at that time in the failed coup attempt on President Habib Bourguiba. The document also reviews the merits of this involvement and the motivations.

The documentary is expected to raise controversies among politicians and historians. Al-chourouq online learned that negotiations are underway with one of the Arab satellite channels to acquire the documentary.

So will the Tunisian Television Channel and the National Centre for Cinema and Picture proceed to acquire this landmark document in preservation of the Tunisian Memory ?

Achourouk.Online (12-1-2017)
Translated by MNHN


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