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In the wake of Trump’s new travel ban, the European Commission’s chief spokesperson Margaritis Schinas announced the EU’s unwavering commitment to nondiscrimination on Monday’s press briefing.

“In Europe, we do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, race or religion,” Schinas said. Schinas echoed the words of European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, who published a tweet on Sunday stating a similar sentiment.

“2017 we must choose b/w isolationism, inequality and national egotism and between openness, social equality and strength through solidarity,” read Juncker’s tweet. Schinas elaborated on the EU’s values with a strong statement on the benefits of unification without discrimination, and a subtle criticism of the U.S.’s ban.

“We must choose between isolationism, inequality and national egotism on the one hand and openness, social equality and strength through solidarity on the other,” said Schinas. Schinas further referred to Europe as “an anchor of stability in a changing world”, suggesting that the European Commission would not be swayed in policy or value despite Trump’s executive order to close US borders.

“There is no religion, no belief, no philosophy when it comes to the refugees,” said Schinas.

EU Commission denied to answer whether the EU will “uninvite Trump,” similar to the petition the U.K. public is now rallying around after Theresa May’s discomfort over Trump’s executive order. “We are not in the business of comments, we are not observers of current affairs,” said Schinas.

A commitment to open borders will not change the EU’s view on the EU–US relationship.

“The US are still a strategical partner of the EU,” concluded the EU spokespersons’ chief, expecting from reporters to leave it there for the day.

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