Farewell si Mohamed

Mohamed Bel Hajj Omar passed away on Monday January 30 at the age of 82. His life story depicts a long trip in political matters and in a career as Tunisia’s President of the Engineers’ Order, among the rare engineers worldwide, specialized in water resources.

Si Mohamed devoted his life to the cause of democracy and freedom and to Arab issues, especially the Palestinian cause.

Mohamed Bel Hajj Omar had been a Political prisoner under the regime of Bourguiba, following the famous lawsuit against the Popular Unity Movement.

As a journalist, I met him for interviews on several occasions when he was President of the People’s Unity Party, which he was the founder.

During the rule of Ben Ali, he did not lose hope for the day to come when Tunisia becomes among democratic countries.

The late was active and influential in the national political landscape.

Likewise, Si Mohamed is known for his human qualities as a humble and fearless man.

In these sad and painful circumstances, I extend my heartfelt feelings of compassion and sympathy to all his family members especially his son Adnen who accompanied his father in key stages of his political career as well as his son Walid.

Goodbye si Mohamed, the humanitarian, the Politician and the great lover of democracy…

Ben Rhouma Chedly

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