Tunisia: slight increase in industrial sector exports

Exports from the industrial sector rose from 24,544.5 million Tunisian dinars(MTD) in 2015 to 26,396.8 MTD in 2016, posting an increase of 7.5%.

This increase is mainly due to the sector of the mechanical and electrical industries whose exports reached 13,251.0 MTD, against 11,450.7 MTD in the year 2015, UP 15.7%.

Similarly, exports from the chemical industry sector grew by 18.3% from 1,876.3 MTD to 2,218.8 MTD in year 2016.

The sector of miscellaneous industries followed suit with exports of the order 1,876.2 MD against 1,650.5 MD during the year 2015, up 13.7%.

Unlike these sectors, the agri-food sector exports fell by 32.0% to 2,021.4 MTD compared to 2,972.5 MTD in 2015.

The industrial sector imported for 34,314.9 MTD in the year 2016 against 31,132.5 MTD during the year 2015, up 10.2%.

The commercial balance of the industrial sector amounted to -7,918.1 MTD in the year 2016 against -6,588.0 MTD in the year 2015


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