First signs of revival in number of European visitors to Tunisia, especially French and Britons (January 2017)

Some 231,336 tourist entries were recorded in January 2017, up 10.5% compared to the same month in 2016, as the early signs of a recovery in the number of European tourists to Tunisia, in particular French and Britons emerge, according to the latest statistics of the Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT).

The configuration of the tourist market remains unchanged, with 58.4% of tourists arriving during the month of January 2017 being Maghreb, numbering 182,514 people (+ 7.9% compared with 2016). Algerians accounted for 97.778 entries, followed by Libyans with 80,696 arrivals (+ 18.2%).

Regarding Tunisia’s traditional markets, the number of European tourists reached 39,462 tourists in January 2017 (12.6% of recorded entries), with an increase in French visitors (20,250 tourists, up 29.5%).

After abandoning Tunisia, following the Sousse attack (June 26, 2015), some 1,500 British tourists, attracted by low prices offered by hotel units, visited Tunisia, in January, posting a growth of 22.4%, compared to last year.

The number of Tunisians residing abroad reached 81 thousand visitors (+ 21.6%), accounting for 25.9% of total arrivals during the month of January 2017 (312,336 non-resident entries).

As regards last year’s statistics, the number of tourist arrivals to Tunisia reached 5.7 million at the end of December 2016, up 7% compared with 2015.

The number of tourist overnight stays totaled 17.5 million, up 11% compared to 2015. This result is due to the increase in Algerian entries (1.8 million, + 22%) and Russians (623,000, + 1,000%).

Domestic tourism also recorded a 4% increase for a total of 5 million nights spent in hotels


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