Cameroon looks into renewable energy with Tunisia

In Central Africa, the government of Cameroon is expected to sign a partnership with Tunisia for the transfer of technology through a science park, the Borj Cedria Ecopark, in the coming days.

The minister of water resources, Basile Atangana Kouna and the Tunisian ambassador to Cameroon, Jalel Snoussi are said to be in negotiations, Cameroon Tribune reported.

It is reported that the latter paid a courtesy call to the minister on Friday with Kamel Touati, adviser for foreign African affairs at the Borj Cedria Technopole, to discuss putting in place a programme in Cameroon that will train engineers and researchers in renewable and sustainable energy.

Tunisian-based Borj Cedria Technopole, is a company specialising in research and development in the four main sectors: energy, water, biotechnology and materials for which specific centres are dedicated.

According to the media, ambassador Snoussi said the science park was part of his government’s commitment to transfer technology to Cameroon.


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