Groupe Avril Launches 100% Tunisian Rapeseed Oil Project

Groupe Avril and the Tunisian government have formally unveiled their joint plan, which will see the production of 100% Tunisian rapeseed oil.

The product will be marketed under the Avril brand Lesieur, which supplies supermarkets with table oils and condiments. The project ‘allows Tunisia, a major consumer of vegetable oils, to start the production on its soil of rapeseed oil at a time when the demand of Tunisian consumers for this oil recognized for its nutritional benefits is growing,’ according to the French firm.

Another Avril subsidiary, Cristal Tunisie, will spearhead the marketing and packaging of the refined oil which will be sold under the Lesieur brand. Sanders Tunisie, again a division of the Avril group, is to ensure the ‘valorisation and marketing of rapeseed cake for animal feed in Tunisian farms.’

Tunisian company Carthage Grain will be responsible for the ‘valorization of the seeds in oil and cake,’ while another indigenous company will oversee the refining process.

‘While it marks the launch of rapeseed cultivation in the country, this project also marks the launch of the first 100% Tunisian rapeseed oil,’ commented Groupe Avril.

‘This Lesieur branded oil offers the Tunisian consumer a quality product, 100% local and traced, and naturally rich in omega 3.’

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