Tunisia torture cases falling but abuses persist: NGO

 Cases of torture in Tunisia are falling but abuses persist in prisons and detention centres, a rights group said on Wednesday.

The Tunisian Organisation Against Torture (OCTT) reported 153 torture cases in the North African country from January to November.

There were 250 cases in the previous year.

In a report, it accused authorities of abuses including arbitrary arrest, ill-treatment and threats or attempts at rape.

 The police were responsible for more than 60% of the abuses, followed by prison wardens and the National Guard, it said.
“Until now, there has been no real, concrete reform within the security and penitentiary institutions,” it said.

OCTT president Radhia Nasraoui called for new laws to prevent torture.

“Political parties, whether in power or in opposition, must expose the subjects of violations and human rights,” she said.

Last year, a group of UN experts said torture was still an issue in Tunisia but the country was “on the right path” to tackling it.


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