Algeria, Tunisia pledge to boost Libyan peace process

Algeria and Tunisia on Sunday reaffirmed in Algiers their commitment to help neighboring war-torn Libya reach a political and consensual solution.

“Algeria and Tunisia believe that the solution for the Libyan crisis must be consensual and not military,” visiting Tunisian Foreign Minister, Khemaies Jhinaoui told a joint press conference with Algerian Minister for Maghreb Affairs, African Union, and Arab League, Abdelkader Messahel, following the 19th session of the Algerian-Tunisian Monitoring Committee.

Jhinaoui added that the UN Security Council should assume responsibility and work for reaching a peaceful resolution in Libya.

Messahel noted that Tunis and Algiers deplore “the recent clashes that occurred around the Oil Crescent region, saying “violence and weapons would not help to resolve the crisis in Libya.”

“We are supportive of dialogue and are against the use of violence,” said Messahel, adding that Algeria was in constant contact with all parties in that country, until the launch of a genuine and inclusive inter-Libyan dialogue for the resolution of the crisis.

The minister underlined the role of the UN in the settlement of the crisis and the need for Libyans to abide by the political accord signed on Dec. 17, 2015.

 Global Times

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