Tunisia: Civil society against Germany-repatriations deal

A group of over ten civil society associations and NGOs have called on the local authorities to publish the text of a recent agreement between Germany and Tunisia concerning the voluntary repatriation of approximately 1,500 irregular migrants, announced during the visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on March 3.

The signatories of the call include the Italian Council for Refugees. They are opposed to all readmission agreements on grounds these violate the fundamental right to freedom of circulation and dignity and physical integrity of migrants.

In addition, the new measures allegedly deny the right to appeal for those who are ordered to leave the country. The organisations denounce the excessive pressure that is allegedly being put on Tunisia in relation to migration policy and are calling for a national debate on the issue.

They are also critical of the fact that their opinion was not sought in relation to the agreement and call on the German authorities to develop integration policies that conform to human rights and international conventions.


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