Chichi: “Inter-Libyan dialogue without foreign interference to settle conflict in Libya”

MOSCOW-Inclusive inter-Libyan talks, far from any foreign interference, are likely to favour a political solution to the conflict in Libya as advocated by neighbouring countries, Tunisia’s ambassador to Russia Mohamed Ali Chihi stressed Friday in Moscow.  

“A solution to the Libyan conflict can only come from Libyan themselves through inclusive dialogue favouring a political settlement,” Tunisia’s ambassador stressed in a press conference, saying neighbouring countries Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt have already initiated a common approach to contribute to the return of peace and stability in this country.

The interministerial meeting (Algeria-Tunisia-Egypt) held last February were crowned by the signing of the “Tunis Statement,” that supports an inclusive political solution in Libya and rejects a military solution.

The statement considers that the three states must rapidly act to help Libyans overcome the crisis and open new prospects to political solution through inter-Libyan dialogue under the aegis of the United Nations to reach consensual amendments to the political agreement likely to ensure its implementation in the set deadline.

According to the Tunisian diplomat, the Tunis Statement advocates a solution “that takes into consideration the Libyan agreement and rejects any attempt to divide Libya.”

“We hope our approach will be successful and will put an end to the brotherly Libyans’ suffering,” said Ali Chihi, stressing that this initiative must be further honed in the upcoming ministerial meetings between officials of the three countries.”

Ageria Press Service

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