Sudan: Bakri and Tunisian Prime Minister Affirm Ability of Sudan and Tunisia to Build Promising Future

The First Vice – President of the Republic and National Prime Minister, Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Salih, and the visiting Tunisian Prime Minister affirmed by the end of the meetings of the joint Sudanese – Tunisian ministerial committee that the two countries are able to build a promising future for the two peoples and to reap the fruits of the serious partnership between them.

He said that the two countries obtain all requirements for progress and capable, through the coordination between them, to provide a model which is to be followed for the relations between nations.

 He referred to firmness of the Sudanese – Tunisian ties, indicating that both countries are adopting the national dialogue method and the national document as means for resolving problems, a matter that motivates Sudan and Tunisia to press ahead in the partnership between them.

Lt. Gen. Bakri has appreciated the efforts exerted by the joint preparatory committee for the meetings, affirming the commitment to implement the outcome of the joint ministerial committees’ meetings.

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