SICO opens office in Tunis

The Silk Road International, Cultural and Commercial Organisation (SICO) opened on Saturday an office in Tunis “SICO Tunis,” which is the first in Africa.

“This office, headed by President of the Tunisian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Tahar Bayahi, seeks to foster economic relations between Tunisia and China and materialise bilateral economic agreements,” said SICO Secretary-General Hong Hong.

“SICO Tunis” will contribute to the achievement of large-scale projects in the sectors of infrastructure, mining, energy and real estate in addition to the construction of hotel units, the Chinese official pointed out at a ceremony organised Saturday on the occasion of Bayahi’s inauguration as head of office.

The projects are scheduled to start in June and July 2017, he specified, adding that “SICO” seeks to reinforce its co-operation particularly in culture and technology fields.

Tahar Bayahi said for his part, that the creation of this office will help drain Chinese investments and boost trade between Tunisia and China.

SICO is represented in sixty countries, including Tunisia. Its aim is to strengthen trade between China and the rest of the world by drawing inspiration from the spirit and symbol of the Silk Road.


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