Tunisia: ‘Sound of Stones’ fest to open in Dougga

A techno music festival will be held on April 29-30 amid the ancient ruins of the city of Dougga (formerly Thugga), in north-west Tunisia, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The ”Dougga Fest – Sound of Stones” is organized by the international festival association of Dougga, with the patronage of the Culture Ministry and the support of the Tunisian Tourism Ministry.
Organizers say the event vies to promote the north-west area of Tunisia, the archaeological site and city of Dougga while safeguarding the environment.

It also aims to create jobs for local youths in security, entertainment and arts through the event.
Recycling will be promoted among participants, including campers.
Dougga is one of Tunisia’s most important archaeological sites with remains of Punic, Numidic and Roman monuments. One of the most well-known and better preserved is the Capitolium temple built under Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in 166-167 AD.
The temple, dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva is one of the most important Roman monuments in North Africa.


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