The 4-hour workweek

Most of us are brought up in a culture where we are taught to follow a predetermined path :
go to school, high school then college to get a good degree so later you can apply to a high-paying job and the higher the better.
We often make the mistake of looking at wealth from a shallow perspective and here’s why:
For example, a banker who makes 100.000$ a year  is considered wealthier than a teacher who makes 40.000$ a year . This is not true , simply because after doing some calculations, it appears to be that the banker works 100 hours a week while making 19$ an hour. However, the teacher works 40 hours a week while still making 28$ per hour.
So if we look at things from this perspective we can argue that a teacher is wealthier than a banker. Not only he has x4 times the amount of free time the banker has and also makes more than the banker when he does work.
But what if I told there’s a way to work less hours while making more money and accomplishing more ?!.
In the book, the 4-hour workweek, the author tim ferris talks about people he calls ” The new rich ” who manage to do just like that.
The New rich are people who work so little to the point that they only work when they feel like it. Although they may not  make more money than a typical salary, they have enough freedom to work anywhere in the world .
All of this is totally possible  because of 2 things that were not available to the previous generation.
1) The Internet:
This powerful ressource is used by 50 % of the world’s population. In the past, the typical store owner only benefits from the foot traffic and old school advertising posters. Nowadays, you can potentially tap into more Daily Traffic than a large mall if you could somehow position yourself in the internet.
A great example of this are the first pages that come up to you everytime you make a search on google. Every single one of those websites is generating income to its owners every second in many ways without much work. The owner only has to start the website, post some useful content and pay for some ads. This may take some hours of hard work but it’s still nothing compared to the time the average person spends trying to accumulate wealth.
2) Outsourcing:
Outsourcing is a practice used by different individuals to reduce work by paying other people to do the work for them while saving their time for important things.
Outsourcing is an effective cost-saving strategy when used properly.
By using the internet and outsourcing time consuming tasks, you can become one of the new rich.
1) This enables you to position yourself infront of the world:
-Find a profitable passion
– Find Ways to create traffic to the website
– get paid
2) Outsource everything :
– outsource time consuming and boring tasks
3) Enjoy all your free time:
– For the First time in history, such opportunity has been presented to people.
The new rich is an alternative path that is very real and that many people are pursuing.
There’s more than one way to live life !
Hatem Ben Gamra

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